2023 Earth Day with Queenie & Pearl

2023 Earth Day with Queenie & Pearl

On April 22 this year, Queenie and Pearl hosted a fantastic event for Earth Day. The Earth Day Clean Up Event partnered with the Minneapolis Parks and Rec organization to help clean the lake and surrounding areas. There were many volunteers from all over Minnesota - Team Queenie members, too! Queenie and Pearl released their Earth Day Collection with Plastic is Wack that same day, as well.

Green and Orange Plastic is Wack T-Shirt

Plastic is Wack is a brand, and campaign, created by designer David Weeks to spread awareness and lessen the impact of plastic in the ocean. David Weeks is a 30-year-old, self-taught artist famous for his sculptures, canvas paintings, and viral campaigns with philanthropic interest in homelessness and climate change. His artistry brings impactful awareness worldwide to many social injustices. "The Plastic Wave" sculpture is a nod to "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," bringing attention to the amount of plastic waste in the ocean. 

Queenie and Pearl is now selling various items from the Plastic is Wack Collection: a Trucker Hat, Signature Tee and Sweatshirt, and the brand’s other super cute items online and in-store in various colors and sizes!  Each item is not on-trend, but made out of recycled materials, too. That means it’s a great addition to your closet and to climate change. Snag this new collection before it sells out!


Team Queenie Cleaning Up for Earth DayPile of Trash Collected by Team Queenie on Earth DayTeam Queenie Cleaning Up on Earth Day

“Taking ideas from my head and putting them into the universe is the best feeling in the world.”
- David Weeks, davidweeksnyc.com

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