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Our Bestsellers of Spring 2023

Want to change up your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Interested in trying some new styles but don’t know what to try? Here are some of the trendiest items at Queenie and Pearl to keep you updated on the latest and greatest fashion and to spice up your closet!



The corset is one of the most ancient, yet trendy, pieces right now. Worn in denim by Bella Hadid or leather by Dua Lipa, the corset is the piece that can go with any occasion: a maxi skirt for dinner, a pair of jeans for going out, or a mini skirt for a special event! Many factors come into play when looking for the perfect corset top: cup size, length, and fabric quality. At Queenie and Pearl, we have you covered. Sold in several styles and sizes, try out our quality corsets meant to last and keep you snatched!


Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces are a trendy accessory that adds nature and personality to your look. Celebrities such as Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, and Matilda Djerf love this trend and give its 90’s vibe a y2k revamp. Unlike its ‘90s precursor, the Y2K flower choker has an ultra-feminine edge thanks to its flamboyant floral detail while still alluding to the punk nature of a choker. It was a piece you could wear to the mall or the homecoming dance just the same. Love this piece? Check out our wide variety of price points with high-quality manufacturing in mind. Sold online and in-store, we have The Rose Velvet Choker in Red and Ivory, our Cherry Choker, and many ribbon chokers sold in store right now. Add a flower choker to your jewelry collection today to start turning heads!

Jewelry Table Featuring Choker Necklaces


Cowboy Boots

Think cowboy boots are only for the rodeo? Think again. Worn by it-girl celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, cowboy boots are the latest trend taking all fashion lovers by storm.  Originating from the y2k era, the boots are now becoming a boho and 70’s staple. While it seems intimidating, the boots are actually really easy to style! Queenie and Pearl released some vintage cowboy boots in-store, ranging in sizes and colors at a price you can’t beat. Check them out before they all sell out - Every pair is one of a kind!

Pair of Black Cowboy BootsPair of Vintage Red Cowboy Boots


Baby Tees

Baby tees are the ultimate y2k comeback trend and well-loved by the icon of that decade, Paris Hilton. The flattering fit and cute graphics accompany every outfit - each is perfect for showing off your personality!  Pair your favorite baby tee with cargo pants or a mini skirt, they are truly perfect for every occasion. We just released a line of our own unique, baby tees with the perfect fit and the cutest designs! Shop our I Heart Me Baby Tee, Earth Care Baby Tee, Lucky You Baby Tee,  and our Black/White Heart Baby Tee online and in-store!

I Heart Me Black and White Baby TeeTable Full of Folded Baby Tees and Graphic T-Shirts

These four styles are sure to stick around through these summer months so you still have time to pop in and check them out. With a variety of styles and pieces to pair them with, you're sure to find a fave with us!

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