What are the Color Trends We’re Watching for Fall 2023?

What are the Color Trends We’re Watching for Fall 2023?

As we start saying goodbye to the vibrant hues of summer and welcome the cozy vibes of autumn, it's time to explore the color trends for fall 2023. With each passing year, fashion and design industries eagerly anticipate the unveiling of Pantone's color trend predictions. These forecasts not only shape our wardrobes but also influence our home décor choices, and social media trends. So, what is the color trend in autumn 2023?


Color Forecast: A Blend of Warm and Cool Tones

Autumn traditionally brings to mind warm hues - think burnt oranges, deep reds, and golden yellows. However, the trends for fall 2023 are set to break this norm with a unique blend of warm and cool tones. 

Pantone’s forecast reveals a palette that combines earthy tones with cool blues and greens and we’re so excited to style our pieces with these in mind. This combination also makes it super easy to transition your outfits from summer to fall as we head into this new season.

Moto Zip-UpVintage Red Cowboy Boots


Earthy Tones: Embracing Nature's Warmth

The earthy tones dominating the fall 2023 color trend are warm, cozy, and getting us ready for the leaves to change here in the Midwest. The standout shades include Tender Peach – a muted caramel hue that gives a soft, gentle touch of neutral; Red Dahlia – a spicy reddish-brown that adds depth; and High Visibility – a bright shade of yellow that exudes the warmth and splendor of the sun.

These colors are perfect for creating cozy looks while adding warmth to your wardrobe. They can be paired with neutral shades or used as accent colors against darker backgrounds.

Cream Sweater with Red Striped Maxi SkirtEd Hardy Shirt with Green Vest and Black Mini Skirt


Cool Blues & Greens: A Breath of Fresh Air

Contrasting these warm hues are cool blues and greens that bring a breath of fresh air to the autumn palette. Key colors include Carnival Glass – a mentholated green with an icy appearance; Persian Morning – a deep blue-periwinkle evoking peaceful dawn skies; and Kohlrabi – an ethereal green hinting at tranquil ocean depths.

These soothing shades offer endless possibilities for accessories, sweaters, shoes, and even your sticker collection. They can be used independently or combined with earthy tones to create harmonious color schemes.

Bel Air Crewneck with Vintage Tie


How To Incorporate The Autumn 2023 Color Trend

Now that you're familiar with these exciting trends for fall 2023, how can you incorporate them into your every day? Here are some ideas:

1) Fashion: Update your wardrobe by adding pieces in these trending colors. Pair Tender Peach sweaters with Persian Morning trousers or accessorize your outfit with Carnival Glass jewelry. We have a ton of other colorful accessories to help match this color trend, too!

2) Home Décor: Create cozy living spaces by adding Red Dahlia throw pillows and blankets on your couch. For a calming bedroom ambiance, opt for a touch of Kohlrabi in the prints for your walls.


Are Your Ready to Show Off These Color Trends?

The color trend for fall this year is all about balance - balancing warmth with coolness, comfort with freshness, tradition with innovation. Whether you're updating your wardrobe or redecorating your home, embracing these trends will ensure you stay stylishly on point this fall season. Need help adding this color palette to your closet? Come by the store and we can help!

Remember - while it's great to keep up-to-date with trends, it's equally important to choose colors that resonate personally with you! After all, color is an expression of individuality - so let your true colors shine this autumn!
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